A choice of systems to suit your needs - from simple progressive cable controls to the new Electric Proportional Controls that offer multi-functional proportional control and the fingertip precision of an ergonomic twist joystick.

Cable Control

  • Easy to use
  • Rugged built quality
  • Smooth progressive controls
  • Proven in the field
Cable Control

Low Pressure Hydraulic Joystick

  • Smooth and precise control
  • Greater functionality
  • Fully proportional control
  • Intuitive and comfortable
Low Pressure Hydraulic Joystick

Electric Proportional Control

Twose’s new electrical proportional control system offers a new approach to reach arm control, delivering a suite of unique features and programmable proportional joystick for exceptional precision.

  • Precise joystick control
  • Twist grip for extra functionality
  • All major functions at your fingertips
  • Intuitive touch pad
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Three simultaneous proportional functions
  • Folding armrest for space efficiency
  • Adjustable floatation system
  • Electric rotor control
Electric Proportional Control

Arm Sets

Precision-engineered in the UK to the ISO9001 hallmark of quality, Twose arm sets are proven in the field with a strong, yet manoeuvrable design which ensures the best in productivity, precision and durability.



Helping you tackle those hard to reach areas with the cutting ability to match. Take a look at our range of no-nonsense Flailhead attachments to get the job done.



Browse the range of convenient Twose machinery attachments, including robust saw heads, high-performance cutterbars and narrow lane brackets that help to increase manoeuvrability. Your job, your way.