Quality Policy Statement.

Quality Policy Statement – May 2018

McConnel Limited is totally committed to achieving the highest possible level of quality in all products and services to its customers. This commitment was substantiated in October 1993 by registration with the British Standards Institution as a company with assessed capability in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:1994.

Our present system is compliant to EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our objectives are one of continued improvement to our Quality Management System in customer service, satisfaction and progressive product development.

To ensure that these objectives are being met, they will be reviewed by Top Management, on a regular basis, for suitability and effectiveness.

The provision of quality assurance for our customers in relation to our products is sound commercial practice endorsed by:

  • The increasing legislation governing a product’s fitness for purpose, its performance, safety and reliability.
  • To succeed in our objectives there must be adherence to the Quality Policy in every aspect of the company’s business, and this involves all employees’ being responsible and accountable for the operation of the Quality Management System.
  • There must be a shared commitment by our suppliers, as the quality of the finished product is dependent on the initial quality of materials received.

We are judged by the products and services that we supply to our customers.

The purpose of our Quality Management System is:

1. Via the Quality Assurance Manual to describe how the Quality Policy is implemented, maintained and reviewed by the Senior Management.
2. Via Departmental Operating Procedures and instructions to provide information to ensure that all employees have a proper understanding of the Quality requirements of the company and how it affects’ us.

Maintenance of our Quality Assurance System and hence our British Standards Institution Registration depends on the everyday actions of all of us. The Quality Policies of McConnel are co-ordinated by the Management Representative, who has the authority and responsibility to implement and improve the Quality System.